Use this small, light-weight App to toggle macOS Mojaves dark mode.

NightOwl is the perfect Menu Bar App for nocturnal people. 🦉 Huuhh huhh

It’s an app that Apple should copy at some point in the future.

- BGR -

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- Time-based Scheduling
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Updater
- Bug fixes
- Right click on the Menu Bar Icon to Quick-Toggle
- Automatically toogle on sunset/sunrise
- Quit button
- Autostart on boot
- Play Sound
- Initial Release
- Toggle dark/light Mode

In order to improve the App, NightOwl uses Google Analytics to collect Statistics. The tracked data helps to enhance NightOwl by analysing how features are used and which bugs appear.

We initialize Google Analytics with the setting "anonymizeIp". This guarantees anonymized data collection by masking the last part of your IP address.
You are able to Opt-out of the tracking by unchecking "Send Statistics" in the settings section of NightOwl.